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Have you ever had trouble sharing the Gospel with people who reject any thoughts of God because of unpleasant past experiences with religious goofballs or church legalism?

I know I have!

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And, like me, are you also concerned about friends who are lost ― who never seem to give God a thought ― and live as if there is no tomorrow?

Do you wish you had a way to witness to them without seeming pushy or preachy?

If so, then I ask you to consider this: the gift of a good Christian book is a powerful way to reach a doubtful soul…it is a small investment that can pay huge dividends.

It is a heartfelt gift that will sit on someone’s bookshelf as a silent witness…a gift that they will read in some quiet solitary moments when God has softened their heart.

A gift that can make an eternal difference in the life of someone you love.

I wrote Jesus Is Trying To Get Your Attention! in plain conversational language, with a dash of humor, specifically targeting the skeptic and the agnostic.

This is an easy read…with 28 short chapters…each one designed to encourage thoughtful consideration about our relationship with our Creator.

I invite you to take a moment right now and check it out for yourself.

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