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Who Knew It Could Freeze in Texas? Part One

Sorry Texans, we never meant to bring the cold down to you from Indiana. Continue reading

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Can We Salvage Anything from This 2020 Train Wreck?

Something positive might emerge from this election fiasco if we can form a national consensus about enforcing transparent procedures. Continue reading

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Why We Should Never Take Election Day for Granted

On Election Day, we all stand as equals at the polls, and we all have a chance to choose the type of future we want to create for our children. That is a beautiful and precious right. Continue reading

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A Short Story in Remembrance of a Life Lived for Christ

I am pleased to publish this guest post from my friend Brenda Purcell During the civil war in Guatemala, Pastor Miguel Cojti was preaching in his church. In the middle of the service, three soldiers came through the doors and … Continue reading

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It Really Was Almost This Pathetic

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How Dare You Disagree with Me!

When everyone is shouting with their one mouth, no one is listening with their two ears. Continue reading

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Memo to My White Brethren: The South Lost. Get Over It.

So why are some people still flying the confederate flag?  Why do we still maintain memorial statues to confederate generals? Continue reading

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COVID-19 Cure is Now Worse Than the Disease

The unintended consequences of shutting down society could end up costing more lives than COVID-19 does. Continue reading

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Why America Needs an Economic Time-out

We will soon discover the real character of our financial services industry, and it might get ugly… Continue reading

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Learning to Trust When Life Goes Bust

All of us go through seasons of life when we can do nothing more than put one foot in front of the other. Continue reading

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