When the Political Process Gives You Lemons…

I am not happy about Donald Trump.Trump

I have voted Republican most of my life. Not because I necessarily believe that Republicans are more virtuous, but because they usually seem less dangerous than Democrats.

I embrace those traditional conservative values of smaller government, lower taxes and less regulation, which nourish individual liberty and prosperity.

I like liberty. I like prosperity. I want all of us to have the freedom to better ourselves in a country where the government gets out of our pockets and leaves us alone to do that “pursuit of happiness” thing we all like to talk about.

I have always believed that conservative principles are important. And for all its many flaws, the Republican Party more closely aligns with conservatism than does the Democratic Party.

That is why I usually vote Republican. Kind of a no-brainer if liberty is a priority on your agenda.

But Donald Trump has managed to upend the Republican apple cart, and that is a reality we will now have to deal with.

Voters are fed up, and understandably so, with the feckless leadership in Washington. Driven to desperation by the ineptitude and tone-deafness of our elected officials, people are ready to try anything that might shake up the corrupt status quo.

Even something like Donald Trump.

I would never have picked Trump as my candidate. But Trump has managed to convince a majority of Republican primary voters that he is the man with the plan.

He has run the gauntlet. He has captured victories in 27 states so far. He has won it fair and square.

So I will hold my nose and vote for Trump, because the alternative is even worse. If I had to choose between Hillary Clinton and Lucifer, it would be a coin toss.

For all his flaws, Donald Trump wins the “lesser of two evils” contest.

And I must admit, there are a few things that Trump gets right. He understands that Obama has gutted our military strength. He understands that we are being infiltrated by criminals and terrorists who are easily sneaking through our porous borders.

I also must admit that I thoroughly enjoy the way he throws the crap right back at the liberal media and his opponents. I hope future Republican candidates will take note that voters respect someone who has the backbone to brush aside senseless political correctness.

If Trump could learn a little diplomacy and tact, he might not be a half-bad President.

But at any rate, we cannot afford to sit this election out.

A lot of Republicans were unhappy with Mitt Romney in 2012, so they stayed home on Election Day. That little hissy-fit gave us Obama’s second term. We cannot make that mistake again.

If Hillary wins, it will be Obama’s third term, with the likelihood of several more left-wing loony-tunes like Elena Kagan being named to the Supreme Court.

It is a shame that we Republicans have squandered such a golden opportunity. There were several solid conservative candidates who could have done a much better job than Trump.

But the Republican voters in 27 states have decided otherwise. The people have spoken. I personally think they’ve gone bonkers, but that’s the way the game is played.

Conservatism has lost. Donald Trump has won.

In a nation of over 300 million people, the best we can do is a choice between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton? Really?

Sometimes all you can do is vote for the lesser of two evils. It looks like 2016 is going to be one of those years.


About David Smith

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